Melihat Lock Database PostgreSQL

Untuk melihat locking database postgreSQL bisa menggunakan perintah dibawah ini,

SELECT AS blocked_pid,  blocked_activity.usename  AS blocked_user, AS blocking_pid,  blocking_activity.usename AS blocking_user,  blocked_activity.query AS blocked_statement,  blocking_activity.query AS current_statement_in_blocking_process FROM  pg_catalog.pg_locks  blocked_locks JOIN pg_catalog.pg_stat_activity blocked_activity  ON = JOIN pg_catalog.pg_locks  blocking_locks  ON blocking_locks.locktype = blocked_locks.locktype AND blocking_locks.DATABASE IS NOT DISTINCT FROM blocked_locks.DATABASE AND blocking_locks.relation IS NOT DISTINCT FROM blocked_locks.relation AND IS NOT DISTINCT FROM AND blocking_locks.tuple IS NOT DISTINCT FROM blocked_locks.tuple AND blocking_locks.virtualxid IS NOT DISTINCT FROM blocked_locks.virtualxid AND blocking_locks.transactionid IS NOT DISTINCT FROM blocked_locks.transactionid AND blocking_locks.classid IS NOT DISTINCT FROM blocked_locks.classid AND blocking_locks.objid IS NOT DISTINCT FROM blocked_locks.objid AND blocking_locks.objsubid IS NOT DISTINCT FROM blocked_locks.objsubid AND != JOIN pg_catalog.pg_stat_activity blocking_activity ON =   WHERE NOT blocked_locks.GRANTED;

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